Musti Yoga - Yoga of the New Millenium

Musti Yoga is a philosophical spiritual healing art from Sri Lanka which heals body and mind.

Musti Yoga includes a system of 14 physical exercises (postures) which cover a wide range of body movements. These exercises come from a combination of many different types of ancient yoga.

It is a systematic way for physical and mental self-improvement. Musti means "secret" in Singhalese - this reflects the precious perfection of this blend of physical and spiritual exercise.

The secret of Musti Yoga is that acupressure points are activated while performing the various exercises (Asanas). These acupressure points and the yoga exercises then regulate specific physical ailments.

It is a very effective, regenerative form of exercise, which builds a firm foundation of good health, wisdom, happiness, and long life. Quite naturally you will lose excess weight and develop a lean, fit body shape. Exercises are very simple and can bring good and quick results to young and old.

Practice Musti Yoga brings increased mobility in the joints, improved strength, stamina and co-ordination. It improves circulation and the functioning of the internal organs. There is a high success rate in dealing with back pains, knee, neck and shoulder problems, arthritis, respiratory disorders, depression, anxiety and stress-related, fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, hypertension.

Another important component of Musti Yoga practice is correct breathing techniques. These help to increase circulation, improve concentration and calm the mind!

Musti Yoga heals and shapes the body, whilst giving the soul a home.

Therefore Musti Yoga is an irreplaceable tool on the path towards a long and healthy life.

The founder of Musti Yoga, Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka, lives in the UK.



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