Thilo von Trotha

Thilo Spenst

was born in Germany in 1965. He has been studying Musti Yoga Science since 1999 with Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka in Sri Lanka and in the UK. In August 2004 he became a Teacher of Yoga Science .

He is the first internationally qualified teacher of Musti Yoga Science. It's a great honour for him to pass on the knowledge of this unique type of Yoga to others.




Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka

The founder of Musti Yoga, Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka, was born in Sri lanka in 1966. He comes from a family of healers whose knowledge of healing has been passed down from generation to generation.

Prof. Dr. KarunathilakaAt the age of seven, he began his studies of Yoga and the Martial Arts with his father. Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka studied alternative medicine at the Open International University for Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka. His studies included Osteopathy, Chiropractic Therapy, Reflexology, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Homeopathy, Magnet Therapy, Laser Therapy, Accupuncture, Accupressure, Aromatherapy, Herbal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Ayurveda Therapy, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, and Holistic Therapy.

Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka received a diploma in all of the above mentioned areas of studies. In addition, Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka completed his doctorate in Philosophy. Following his studies in the martial arts at the International University for Martial Arts in Japan, he was called to be a Professor of Martial Arts at the same institution where he achieved his 8 th Dan a title which only 20 people worldwide have been granted. Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka is the youngest of all the above mentioned 20.

The following is a list of Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka's most significant diplomas and awards:

“Diploma of Psychology from the Open International University of Sri Lanka”;

“Master Degree in Acupunture & Natural Medicine” from India;

“Life member of the China International Acupuncture College in China”;

“Life member of the Indian Holistic Medical Academy” in India;

“Degree of Yoga Science”; “Degree of Homeopathy” ,

“Open International University of Sri Lanka”;

“FRCP(MA) Fellowship of Royal Complementary Practitioner”


Work Experience:

Three Years as a Practioner at Medicina Alternativa Clinic in Sri Lanka;

10 Years as a Visiting Consultant of Alternative Medicine at

the Government Hospital, Kalubowila in Sri Lanka;

Following a part-time position here, he opened his own Clinic where he was

the Chief Executive for seven years at the Natural Therapy Hospital and Training Centre in Sri Lanka;

Three years as a Physical Training Instructor, Government Police Inspectors Training College at Kalutara in Sri Lanka;

Three years as the Managing Director, Natural Healing Yoga Therapy Centre Private Ltd. in Sri Lanka;

Director of the World United Self Defense Federation;

General Education Director of the World Buddhist Healing Telepathy Organisation;

Founder of the Healing Telepathy;

Founder of Musti Yoga Science;

2003 Award as a Volunteer Doctor.

Prof. Dr. Karunathilaka lives in Great Britain since December 2000. He can be reached by email at:


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